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5 Reasons Why Sex Dolls dem don dey Beat Their Owners


The tori wey dey reach us now be say the sex doll wey never tey wey e land for Naija don dey beat their owners dem.

The question be say: why person go buy something for over eight hundred thousand naira and the thing go con turn am to punching bag for house.

Pidginblog consider as things dey be for naija and we put together reason why e be say sex doll fit dey beat the person wey buy dem.

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  • When person first of all receive him sex doll package he con say make him first plug am make him charge na im NEPA people go know say their play time don reach. Na so the light go begin dey dance kolomental, the doll go con vex join electricity dey kolo go beat him owner.


  • Make we talk say light no do kolo say e stable, the doll con dey tell him owner say e don charge finish. As the owner been dey think say him wan knack the doll life finish he con unplug am con plug am again say make the thing charge well well. The vex wey the doll go vex ehn, the man no go fit stand.


  • Man buy the sex doll finish con call him friends say hin don hammer when hin go use him life savings go buy sex doll. Him and him friends go con dey knack the doll as dem like. The doll no go only beat the man after the friends don comot,  na him dead body dem go find the next day.


  • Married man go buy doll con dey knack am when him wife don comot for house.  She con come back meet dem for room; she for don beat the thing finish before she know say na doll.  Na so the wife and the doll go vex con join hand finish the man.

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  • Make man buy doll finish keep am separate, hin dey even do am well well say make e no spoil say the money wey him use buy am plenty.  Make the sex doll con find out say e be side chick. Ah!!! Kasala don burst be dat.



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