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Abortion Be Like Wia Pesin Hire Hit man To Kill’ – Pope Francis


Oga Kpatakpata of di Catholic Church Pope Francis say to commit abortion be like wia pesin hire hitman to kill pesin wey dey give dem wahala. 

Di Pope dey try tok say to do abortion no good. Im yan dis one on Wednesday for im weekly tok tok for St Peters Square wey dey di Vatican city of Rome.

Dis tok dey come afta some Catholics done accuse di Pope say im no dey too like shook mouth on top cultural war mata.

Abortion na serious political battle for plenti kontris including United State wia many conservatives dey hope say di Supreme Court go cancel di ruling wey make abortion legal for di US. Abortion dey illegal for Nigeria and many oda kontris.

“How sometin wey fit spoil di life of innocent and helpless pikin wey dey grow inside belly, dey legal or good? I dey ask you: E dey right to comot human life to solve problem? Wetin you tink? E dey good?” di Pope tok.

Many pipo for di crowd shout “No”.

Di Roman Catholic Church teaching be say life dey start once di pikin dey grow inside di woman belle and e go end once di pesin die natural death. 


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