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About Us

This page been dey talk about us, PidginBlog.

PidginBlog dey founded by a group of friends wey think say Nigerians home and abroad suppose dey read news and information for pidgin. The blog been dey talk about news and happenings on top we Nigeria and beyond for matters wey concern Politics, Entertainment, Technology, Health and Sports.

Every month, PidginBlog dey get millions of visitors wey need these information in pidgin.

PidginBlog mission na to provide this information for all kinds of people. We dey do am as we carry this information for a way wey our readers go fit read am for easy-to-read understand tory with personal pidgin feeling and touch.

The blog, wey we start for 2017 don become one of Nigeria’s fastest growing online news and reportage platform. E dey designed with sense for creativity, colour, elegance and graphical easy-to-follow outlook.

While we dey encourage our readers to make dey comment on top our post, we encourage them to share these posts with their friends as them dey talk say, “sharing na caring”.

Since all the months’ wey we don start, we don build the reputation for facts, thoughts, opinions and analysis wey we dey do on top investigate and analytical research.

If you get any inquiry about this we blog, any of our authors, news, editorial opinions, advertisement on top this blog and other things, make you direct am to admin@pidginblog.ng

E get some people wey fit wan write on top our blog, make you use the email button take to write us wetin you want make we write on top our blog. But we want make you know say we no dey responsible for any.