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We Arest Any Marketer Wey Sell Petrol Pass 145Naira -Edo State Government


The Edo State Government don warn marketers of petrol, wey dey sell above the approved pump price of N145 per liter, say the team go commence monitoring on March 11 for den enforcement exercise.

Commissioner, Ministry of Minerals, Oil and Gas, Hon. Joseph Ugheoke, for one statement talk say relevant law enforcement agencies don dey kampe and den go join the ministry team wey go enforce the directive and seal erring stations from March 11.

According to wetin he talk, “The state government no go tolerate the dispensing of PMS wey dey above the N145 per liter approved price for independent marketers. The team of monitors go begin to dey monitor so that den go fit ensure say people comply from Monday, March 11, 2018.”

He talk say , “den go seal the stations of marketers wey no go comply with the directive and prosecute dem fully according to law . The steps of the state government become wetin dey necessary to prevent the practice where some independent marketers dey cash in on people for supply of PMS to the state to hike the price of petrol for there.”

Ugheoke note say supply of PMS to independent marketers across Edo State don increase enough to tackle the scarcity of petrol, say “Due to increase for supply of PMS to marketers, the state government no fit tolerate marketers wey dey sell the product above the pump price wey den approve after dey don ensure say steady supply of PMS to marketers  dey for the state.”


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