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Breaking: Britain Wan Build Dia Own Prison Wing For Kirikiri


Britain go build new 112-bed wing for Kirikiri Prison wey dey for Lagos so that den go fit transfer Naija prisoners there, foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, announced am for London today.

For the statement wey den write give parliament, Johnson talk say den don do everything wey necessary to start the building work for Kirikiri.

He talk say den go fund the project from Britain Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, get annual budget wey dey more than 1 billion pounds and get the aim to commission projects wey fit help prevent conflicts and and stabilise countries or regions.

The new 112-bed wing, wey go cost 700,000 pounds ($973,000) and go comply with United Nations standards, go make am easier for Britain to comply with the prisoner transfer agreement wey den signe with Nigeria for 2014.

Inside the deal, eligible prisoners wey dey serve criminal sentences for Naija and Britain go fit return to complete dia sentences for dia respective countries. The British government no con indicate how many prisoners den go move or when den go fit finish the project.

Nigerian prisons wey na British colonizers build am more than 100 years ago don dey severely overcrowded and dey lead to the spread of diseases.

Naija government don talk say den dey develop strategy to tackle the issue.

Prison system for Britain don dey show signs of severe strain in recent years, with overcrowding, rising suicide rates and drug trafficking with other crimes for the jails wey den sometimes build during the Victorian era.

Kirikiri no be one of the oldest prisons for Naija but we fit trace am back to colonial times.

Last month, the government talk say the prison for the southern city of Port Harcourt, wey den originally design to hold 800 prisoners don increase to nearly 5,000. And den get 3,700 of the prisoners wey still awaiting trial for over five years.


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