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BREAKING: Policemen storm NHIS headquarters


For this early mo mo monday morning wey some people still dey inside abuja traffic, some kain things don happen for National Health Insurance Scheme Headquarters for abuja.

About 50 policemen just burst the gate of National Health Insurance Scheme like say na action film. All the local security wey dey dere pick ran like person way lion dey chase.
Why the police come dere, we never know, but we hear say some people wey dey in support of the Executive Secretary of the NHIS boss wey dem just collect back for job, Prof Usman Yusuf, go do solidarity rally for the agency.
This Prof Yusuf, get case wey dem talk say hin tif N919m, but President Buhari no mind, he give am job.
Unionist con vex talk say nobody go work for dere today.


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