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Britain Go Return The Benin Bronze Wey Dem Thief For Naija 100 Years Wey Pass


According to CNN, the Benin Dialogue Group (BDG), wey na im be the ogbonge museum for European museums, the Royal Court of Benin, Edo State Gonment, and Nigeria’s National Commission for Museums and Monuments, don sign deal for October say “some of the better pieces” dem go return to Naija make dem showcase for the new Benin Royal Museum in Edo State within three years.

“We dey grateful say dem take dis steps but we dey hope say na im be the first step. If you don steal property, you better bring come back,” Osagie tok.

Osagie don also put more pressure on European gonment make dem to return artefacts wey dem thief.

A spokesperson for the British Museum, come tok say

The museums wey dey Europe don agree to borrow artefacts to the Benin Royal Museum on the condition say dem go dey rotate am. Say dem go dey give advice and say dem go cooperate with naija partners make dem get better museum.


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