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Church No Let Woman Marry Because She No Dey Pay Tithe


Guys, make una stop wetin una dey do con hear this tori…. For this 2018, this 2018 o.

As una sabi, plenty people don vow say na 2018 dem go settle down and if una remember, we start dis year with many people wey propose to their babe on new year day… For inside church!
And for the guys wey dey slow like okro, we see don see as many gals knee down propose this year, even though we still dey February.
So, back to the matter wey dey ground, this lady go meet her pastor say I don ready to settle down o, no more meet one boy for under tree o, I wanted dey knack legally.
Na so pastor say it’s ok, no wahala, but…. Make I check if you dey pay tithes… Lol… Una sef laugh. Na so pastor commot record book, dey check her for her name. E ask the gal, “you be worker?” The gal say “No”.
Na so pastor talk say since she no be worker and she no dey pay tithe, hin no go Wed am… For this 21st century!
I go tell una the name of the church so una go see say the story na confirm, no be say I dey lie. Na very popular church for Lagos. The name of the church na The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) for Onikolobo, Lagos.
So if you dey go the church and you no be worker or you no dey pay tithe, omo, no reason am say you go do your wedding for there o.


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