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Crocodiles chop Pastor wey Wan Walk on Water Like Jesus


Una go fear this one oo. Wonders no fit end for this life wey we dey.

One Pastor for Zimbabwe, Jonathan Mthethwa talk say he wan be the second Jesus say he wan walk on top water.

He no con go find rain water go walk on or village stream. He talk say na crocodile river he wan go walk on.

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Him church members dem talk say he teach them faith on the Sunday wey pass so he wan use the “miracle” demonstrate him faith.

Them also talk say the pastor don dey fast and pray for one week for this “miracle”

He don walk like 30 metres inside the water when he tell the people say make dem dey watch say he go soon dey float.

Na so three of people wey get the land(crocodile) con check who dey disturb dem. Dem con see the man inside water begin dey rejoice say; “Oh boi, na dinner be this oo.”

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Na so dem grab the man fast fast quickly share am, chop him finish, clean mouth before other crocodiles go find out say dem chop anything.

The chuch members just dey there dey look the result of the man faith.  Dem talk say an only him sandal and underwear na im dem find say nothing else remain for the man body.

Make him soul rest in peace oo.


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