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Dem Fit Ban Mo Salah For The Rest Of The Season


FA fit ban Mo Salah for the rest of the season because e go dey punch player for Liverpool last match. When Liverpool been play against Stoke City Salah go dey deck one of their players for eye, Bruno Martins-Indi na the player wey salah punch for the match, the referee been no see am but after dem show replay dem don open Salah yansh. Like say if dem leave their two make dem fight Martins-indi no go slap Salah wey e go reach Egypt.

Dem never decide if dem go ban am or not but dem suppose ban am and if dem ban am Harry Kane go dey happy because hin still get 4 more games to nab salah for goals so hin go fit win golden boot for this season.

Since Harry Kane collect goal from hin team mate Eriksen everybody don dey yab am for social media so if dem ban Salah e suppose gather ginja score for the remaining 4 games wey hin get, na 5 goals salah dey use gap Kane for the golden boot race.


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