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Disclaimer Notice on Pidgin Blog

This na the disclaimer notice on top pidgin blog

This Pidgin blog dey run by a communications agency and any views, opinions or other information belong to the owner(s) of the blog e no represent the people, instituitions, organizations wey we dey or no dey associated with for a professional capacity, unless say we state am. Any of our information, views and opinions no dey to cause kasala for any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.

All the content wey we provide on top this blog dey for information purposes only. We no dey make any representations to how accurate and complete all these information wey we carry put for this blog dey. Nobody fit hold us for any information wey no dey available on this website or from the links wey dey on top our website. We no dey liable for any loss, injury, damage wey comot from the use or display of any information wey dey our website.


Unless we state am, most of our pictures na stock photos wey we carry from Pixabay or other free picture service provider. All these pictures dey under one Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. In case you need of the pictures to use on top your blog or for any report, make you  send us message first, so we go tell you how the picture own take be.

Downloadable Files

Any downloadable file, wey include but no dey limited to pdfs, docs, jpegs, pngs, dey provided by the user own risk. Na the owner go dey responsible for any loss, injury or damage wey happen after dem download bad or corrupt  file from this website.


We dey welcome comments on top this blow. However, we get the right to edit or delete any comment wey you submit for this blog wey no get notice of information due to

  1. Comments wey resemble spam or look like spam
  2. Comments wey include blasphemy or swear words
  3. Comments wey fit offend the next person or anybody wey dey read am
  4. Comments wey resemble hate speech, threats, or direct attacks on top any reader or person

We no dey responsible for any of the comments wey readers from for the blog.

Also, we fit change this policy anytime wey we deem fit to change am