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Dis people share wit us d highest beating wey dem don chop for PlayStation


Soccer game for playstation whether na PES Or FIFA na very sweet tin wey dey totori person especially if you sabi and you no be otu.

For dis tin, people don get different experiences, some people na d first day wen dem play dey chop d biggest beating of dia life, some people na even as dem be boss for d game, dem still collect beta beating.

We ask few people wetin dey chop and dem share with us how dem feel dat day

1. Gold

Omo, that day nah one of the most embarrassing and most annoying days of my life, I bin play FIFA with one guy for mall and hin wipe me 12:4, 8:0, 9:0. And people plenty for there if you see how people dey make jest of me, na small remain make I dey cry.

2. Chigozie

My heaviest defeat wey pain me reach bone 🦴 na against one of my guy , wey him name na CJ.

Na so we enter my guy house together, con dey on playstation, my mind say make I choose FIFA na so the other say no PES.
Na so we start o, half time my guy dey beat 4.0, as e reach 90 mins , I don lose by 6.1.

Mehn d defeat na very bitter pill, I just humble for some minutes, everybodi just dey laugh me as I take lose badly, since dat time, I no be fan of PES again.

3. Taiwo

Omo na for 2018, na me First score sef. Na own goal, as Man United fan wey I be, I cbin choose my United.. but as game start.. I played my player through on goal, so I press O as we call am. and the opposing player defender use body deflect the ball.. na so. I lead.

Make e for nor lost, first half I don collect 7, As game finish Sha.. na 11 to 1 him flog me.

4. Damilare

My biggest defeat on PlayStation na 13:2 and e pain me enter bodi day day, na bad day beos I be learner dat time and my opponent no get mercy for me at all, e dey beat like dey I be malu

5. Caleb

I play match with one guy and i win am with difference of 2 goals and after d match, him tell me say hin still better pass me, and we start to dey argue who better pass.

Hin come tell me say na because hin no use barcelona naim make me dey yarn like dat.

Naso we play anoda match and hin come use Barca and I bin use d same team wey I use for d first game, o boy na 7-2 hin wipe me.

After I collect d beating I no fit talk anything, I just drop pad waka comot,e osin me for bodi.

6. Femi

Omo, na gabby be d guy o, d first game I tink we play 3-3, i bin no sabi say d guy dey cruise😂….

I no see one single goal for d next 4 matches wey we play, d least wey hin win na 4-0🥵


  1. Really sad experience for me ….25 – 1 plus the guy say na only heading he go use score..scored about 14 heading..I still never forgive the egbon till date Sha 🤪😀


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