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Instagram: Your ‘Tori’ No Go Disappear After 24 Hours Again


Whether you see am or never see am, e don happen.

Your Instagram (s)tori no go dey vamoose again after 24 hours don pass.

Di app wey get up to 800 million people wey dey use am everyday, don arrange two new things wey go allow you save your tori for long time (forever).

Di new things be Archive and Highlights. 

“Archive” fit allow person save dia tori privately; and “Highlights” dey allow person put dia tori for on top dia Instagram profile page.

Some people wey dey use di app well-well, go see say di new features dey get style resemble wetin Snapchat dey call “Memories” – dis na where person dey save dia snap.

One of di things wey go sweet people pass for dis new-new things wey Instagram dey add be say now, person go fit arrange dia tori anytime.

Instagram fans go dey jollificate dis new things as dis update fit change di way many people go use di app since 2013.

Another thing wey fans dey look now, na di new way to send message wey dem dey call “Direct.”

Dis one never dey ready for customers wey dey Africa but dem dey test way e go make sense.

Direct go be like Whatsapp.

Dat one be say, you go now dey use am to send message to your friends instead of to dey use Instagram.

Na test dem dey use for am for six country : Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay.

But if e work, dat mean say Facebook wey be di company wey get Instagram go get three ways to send message – dat one go come be Direct, Whatsapp and Messenger.


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