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Naija Pipu Say Tekno Break Law With Im Latest Video


Few days after video wey show Nigerian musician dey dance with “half naked” women inside van for Lagos comot for social media, tori be say Nigeria police don invite musician Tekno, to come ansa qweshion ontop di mata.

Many Nigerians bin tink say di girls wey dance inside di transparent van been dey promote strip club until di musician claim responsibility for di scene.

Lagos police spokesman Elkana Bala, confam to news men for Nigeria say dem question Tekno and im producer togeda with two girls wey dey inside di video, but di qweshion some don dey ask na which law di musician break?

Wetin di Law tok

According to Section 136 of di Criminal Law of Lagos, 2015, any pesin wey commit any act of gross indecency with anoda pesin for public don commit offence and fit face three years imprisonment.

Section 134 (a) also tok say indecent act for public place fit land di pipo wey engage in di act to two years imprisonment.

Fred Okey Nzeako wey be constitutional lawyer tok say anybody wey break dis kain law need to “answer questions” as to why “dem wan scata di morals of di society.”

For am, “no sane society go tolerate or allow any human being to walk naked on di street or perform any indecent act.

“Person wey don break dis law only excuse na if e dey experience mental problem,” na so Fred tok or if di offender get any defence for dia action.

Why Tekno use di van for Lekki

Tekno wey im real name na Augustine Kelechi don since apologise for di incident, im explain say “reason no dey for am to dance inside Truck around Lekki, Lagos State.”

Im say e been dey shoot music video for im new song and na because “some of di cars wey dem been dey use, break down during di shoot,” na im make dem use di transparent van to move to di next location.


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