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Paper Artist From Nigeria: My Work Na Everything


When Amsa Yaro start to do arts as pickin, na just for play-play; but dat level don open her eye and mind to wetin she dey do now.

Art to her na everything wey ”we dey see, wear, e means say we dey alive,” na wetin she tok

Amsa grow up for di northern part of Nigeria, but she dey live for Canada now.

Amsa dey use paper take make everything art and dis her style dey surprise people well-well.

She dey call dis type of art Mixed Media: wey dey use different types of materials to take represent person idea or style.

”I dey tell people wetin I use after dem don comment because I like to watch dia reactions when I tell dem say, na paper I use make am. I dey use paper make many things from jewellery to sculpture and e strong well-well,” na wetin she add put.

Amsa say paper painting or illustration no dey easy at all; some of her work fit take two to three days to make, while big sculptures or big-big pieces dem fit reach one month.

She say you need get strong mind for di work, especially di way society dey take see artist as dull people – dis na something wey she say no be true.

Di mixed media artist believe say things don dey change now, and she wan dey among people wey go keep dis type of art make e no loss.


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