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Gov Tambawal And Senator Tambawal Don Settle Dia Quarrel


Sokoto state Governor, Aminu Tambawal don finally settle the fight wey him get with him brother, Senator Dahiru Tambawal.

The two Tambawal been enter the same trouser when Aminu Tambawal come from nowhere com defeat Senator Tambawal for All Progressive Congress governorship primary for December 2014.

Senator Tambawal com say na ojoro happen for the primary, him com go court go challenge the result but him lose woefully. Him still go Appeal court and him still lose the case. As him wan go Supreme court, some elders for him family com go beg am say make him fashi the matter.

So dem the elders come beg  Senator Tambawal say make him and him brother wey be Gov Tambawal settle dia fight. Senator Tambawal wey been no wan do anything with the governor before com agree say him no go fight the governor again. Him promise them say him go join the governor push Sokoto forward. Him even go the Governor house on Monday go reason matter with am.


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