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Julius Ayuk Tabe, Nine Odas Suppose Appear For Court Thursday


Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and nine odas separatists fit appear for public on Thursday for di first time since dia March arrest Abuja, but dat na if deh appear for court.

Lawyers for oga Tabe and odas file ‘Habeas Corpus’ and for law, deh pipo suppose appear for court as deh case dey. 

Barrister Christopher Ndong, one of de Ayuk lawyers tok say de stakes for dis court case today bi very high because de adjourn’am last taim for seka say de ‘bodi’ Ayuk Tabe and odas no be appear for court. 

“Weti we expect today na for make de leaders appear before de court”, Barrister Ndong tok.

“For last court session we tell judge say de reason weh we file appeal na because lower court bin violate de procedure for criminal procedure code. 

Da code di tok about special proceedings under “Habeas Corpus”, weh e mean ‘bring de bodi’. Dis mean say deh violate some man e rights and now we say bring de dodi make we judge him”,

E argue say lower court bin pass decision weh deh no bring dem for court, and deh file appeal”. Ayuk Tabe lawyer tok.

De first day for court hearing, deh lawyers file objection, tell de judge say de same tin for lower case don di happen and dem as defence for Ayuk Tabe bin say deh no fit tok weh dia clients no dey for court.

Deh argue say procedure for ‘Habeas Corpus’ mean say de pipo get for bi present and deh ask court for bring dem today.

Deh bin adjourn de case so dat de legal department and de court go do averi tin for make sure say deh pipo appear for court.

If dey no appear court go explain why, Barrister Ndong tok.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and odas dey for State Secretariat for Defence, SED cell since January 25 weh deh force dem back for kontri from Nigeria.

Deh bin arrest Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and nine odas for Nera Hotel and with odas weh goment arrest for Nigeria na 47 Southern Cameroons deh force back for January.


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