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Kanye West: American Rapper Don Change Im Name To Ye


Ogbonge American rapper Kanye West don change im name to Ye.

Di rapper announce am for Twitter on Saturday 29 September.

West, 41, wey im guy name na Ye use di name for di title of im number eight album wey im release for June.

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Di change happun as e plan to show for popular TV show Saturday Night Live, wia im go lunch im new album Yandhi.

Kanye bin replace singer Arianda Grande for di show after she withdraw for “emotional reasons”.

“I believe ‘ye’ na di most common word for Bible, and im mean ‘you,'” na wetin West tok early dis year, wen im dey discuss about im album with radio host Big boy.

“So I be you, I be us, na we.”

Mr West tok say di new name dey show “our good, our bad, our confused, everything. Di album na reflection of who we be.”

Im don join ogbonge rappers wey too don change dia name.

Sean Combs start with Puff Daddy, change am to P. Diddy or Diddy, but dis year im announce say im names as Love and Brother Love.


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