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5 things wen boys wey no get bear bear go fit relate to


As a young man, wey don dey grow, e go reach dat stage, where be say you yo start to dey get bear bear, and for some guys, omo e go dry like stock fish wey dem fry.

For dis guys or men, e get some kind talks wey dem go fit relate to, as dem dey hear am wela

1. You nor dey old enough to sit for club

Tears go dey roll comot for your eyes😭. Make dem dey tell grown man like you say you nor reach d level to sit down for club.

2. Dem go call you shine shine bobo

As your jaw smooth like new tiles, dem go dey call you shine shine bobo

3. “Na man wey dey think dey scratch bear bear”

Dis wan go make you roll on the floor dey cry, e mean say as you no get beards, you nor dey thinkπŸ˜ͺ

4. When dem invite you go club, na malt dem go offer you say you nor ripe for alcohol

Imagine make dem dey give you malt on top dis level, chai😭😭

5. When you enter gathering, na friends wey get beards dem go first welcome and your own go be later as dem go see you as dia boy

Na to dey cry😭😭



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