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Things wen you need to give your girlfriend dis December to make December stew for her


December dey here, plenty plenty things go shele, from billings to chopping to partying.

We get advise for guys, and na say make you try give your girlfriend something dis December.

Those things wey be say you never give her since January, oya man up and give am

1. Bros, Buy new phone for her ☻

Bros that her phone don dey hang, try buy new one, you hear? D phone nor be hanger 😁

2. Give Her Plenty Money

E get some goals wey she don set, and she still wan achieve am dis December, oya give her money, make her head swell ☺️

3. Buy new Jewelry wey fine for her

Birthday Parties, weddings, etc go dey dis December, you nor go like make she brag say na “Romeo buy am for me” when her friends dey talk say “Awnn dis Jewelry fine well”?

You go like am nowπŸ˜‰, oya sharp sharp enter market go buy am for her

4. Open Supermarket for her

Bros, shey you go like am if person dey call your babe “fine girl wey nor get money?”

E sure say you nor go like am, oya na why you need open Supermarket for her, make she self get steady source of incomeπŸ˜‹

5. Buy bags, heels, sneakers, wigs for her

When dem wear these things, e dey compliment dia dressings, and naim dey make you shout “wow“, “babe you set”, “babe you fresh” and oda tins wey you dey always talk.

Oya nor waste time, go buy am sharp sharp 😊😊


  1. Me wey dey look for sugar mommy weh go spoil me as my birthday dey approach….well if I see sugar mommy.. I’ll buy bone straight hair give am sha


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