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You need to stop to dey play FPL for dis 2 reasons, e get why


Fantasy Premier League, FPL na one thing wen be say dey popular and plenty people don buy into the idea since e start, as people dey even use am make money wela.

But dis FPL as e sweet naso e get d bitter part on some days, and dis game nor be for some people at all, e get why.

E get 2 reasons why person nor suppose dey play dis game

1. To avoid Hypertension 😂😂

Omo some coaches fit cause dis wan for you, you fit captain player, make dem bench am or sometimes d player self go cast, naso person go dey get tension oo 😹😹

2. To avoid headache

Headache nor be good thing o, and dis wan dey cause am. If you wan select players for gameweek, e dey hard die. You go like to dey get steady steady headache??


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