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5 suffer suffer wey person wey no be ‘open eye’ for Akindeko hostel for FUTA go suffer


For inside The Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA, d hostel wey get vibe and dey lively pass na Akindeko hall of residence.

Na boys hostel, d boys dem ehn, na dem be marlians, dey get rank wela.

For dat Akindeko hostel, anyhow person wey no get open eye, wey no ja, go just dey suffer ehn, e go too suffer.

We list 5 suffering wey dat kain person go suffer

1. E no go see bed sleep

When person sleep on top hin bed, e no go fit tell d person wey sleep hin bed make him comot😂😂

2. D person foodstuff go quick finish

Imagine you wey your mama don tell you say dat food na for d whole semester, these Akindeko boys, omo dem go like you, chip your food finish, naso you go hungry oo

3. Dem go thief your cloth wela

Your cloth go dey waka comot steady steady

4. You no go see ball play

Dis wan funny wela because if you dey play, and some boys just come shout on top you, you go fo, and you go leave dia.

5. Your food wey you dey cook, e go waka comot😂

Imagine thay sweet chicken wey e don tey wey you wan chop am, and money finally enter, and you come buy your chicken, if you nor open eye, omo your chicken go waka like Johnny Walker


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