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6 Dangerous chemicals wey dey inside hair dye

Dangerous chemicals wey dey inside hair dye
Dangerous chemicals wey dey inside hair dye

From our last post, you don read am why e no good to dey use dye. If you miss am, read am here.

Many people don dey ask wetin be some of the chemicals wey make hair dye bad, so PidginBlog don bring 6 of dem for una:

  1. PPD para-phenylenediamine: This chemical dey inside dark hair dye – concentration of up to six percent dey legal – and e dey quickly reach the skin from the scalp and the hands.


  1. Lawsone: This one na natural chemical wey dem find inside henna concentrations of one or two percent, but, none the less, e dey toxic and e fit affect the kidney, blood supply and stomach.


  1. Ammoniated mercury: This one get bleaching action wey affect color of hair but dem fit cause allergic reaction


  1. Peroxide: This one go break the melanin wey dey the shafts to make the hair light. E fit cause allergic reactions and fit irritate the skin and lungs, but e no dey toxic


  1. Nonylphenol or octylphenol: Dem be members of group of chemicals wey studies suggest to be hormone disrupters and bioaccamulators. This one mean say dem fit quickly build up inside body fat pass for person to break them down.


  1. Aniline dyes: Dem get this one from coal tar and dem dey use am for semi-dyes. E fit irritate the eyes, skin and mucous membranes or cause allergic reactions.

So una don hear am. No forget, PidginBlog dey always try to educate people on how dem go fit enjoy dem lives well well. If you like this post, make sure to share am with your friend and family. You fit use the sharing buttons wey dey here.


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