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Cancer: How Sleep Fit Give You Breast Cancer


If your body clock mean say you be “morning person”, your risk of getting breast cancer dey very low but if otherwise, na danger be dat.

New research don show say you go still need to chook eye well-well to determine di relationship between body clock and cancer, because e fit affect woman risk to get breast cancer.

Body clock na wetin dey determine how pesin body dey work within 24 hours. E dey affect di way pesin dey sleep, mood and e even fit cause heart attack for pesin, but no be everybody clock dey tok di same tin.

While morning pipo dey quick dey wake up, hustle early before dem tire for evening, “evening people” dey find am difficult to wake up for morning, na evening time dem dey sharp well-well and prefer to sleep late.

Di team wey carry out dis latest research na one team for University of Bristol say dis bodi clock mata get hand inside breast cancer.

Dem chook eye inside 341 types of DNA wey dey control weda pesin be morning or evening pesin.

Dem use di information take perform experiment ontop more dan 180,000 women for UK and nearly 230,000 women inside di Breast Cancer Association Consortium study.

Di investigate show say pipo wey dia DNA make dem dey ginger for morning dey less likely to get breast cancer dan di ones wey be evening pipo.

Dis tori correct?

As to weda correct sleep go fit stop pesin to get cancer sabi pesin Dr Richmond tell BBC say di answer no simple like dat.

“We still need to understand wetin dey make evening pesin dey more at risk dan morning pesin, we need to understand dat relationship.”

“Se na di body clock na im be di issue or say di night pipo dem dey cause damage to dem sef wen dem disregard dia body clock to wake up early go work?

Plenti kweshion still dey to answer.

Research wey dem do before don first check how shift work dey affect, sabi pipo say age and family history too na main risk factor.

Di sabi pipo wey carry out di research say dis dia report don join oda investigate as to di importance of sleep to health.


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