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Diarrhea Part 1: How you fit know say you get am



For the last piece we be yarn wettin diarrhea be and we be run some quick tori about am for una. Read am for here. For this one so we go dey yarn about how person fit know if hin get diarrhea because as we be talk for the last one no be all water water shit be diarrhea.

How to know if you get diarrhea (Symptoms)

The first thing wey person go observe be say hin shit na water water (but that one sef fit happen because of another thing) but for the case of diarrhea, e fit carry other things join bag like;

  • Stomach pain;
  • Pain for abdomen (Abdominal cramps);
  • Bloating (when something swell);
  • Thirst (you go dey wan drink water);
  • Weight loss (you go thin);

Some of things wey we mention for here still fit dey show as signs for other obonghe sickness – blood or pus, fever, signs of dehydration (water no too dey the body), person go dey vomit anyhow, serious diarrhea, or person go lose weight.

For the next piece we go yarn una wettin dey cause diarrhea.


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