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Diarrhoea Part 2: Wettin dey cause am


For the first two write-ups about diarrhoea we be yarn about wettin be diarrhoea and how person fit know if hin get am. For this write-up we go dey continue and we go dey yarn about wettin dey cause am. The thing wey dey cause diarrhoea pass, na wettin oyinbo people dey call “infection” for inside “gastrointestinal tract” (make una no vex for the big big English). The things (microbes) wey dey cause this infection na;

  • Bacteria;
  • Viruses;
  • Parasitic organisms.

The koko of wettin dey cause serious “acute” diarrhoea for United States na one bacteria wey them dey call Salmonella, Campylobacter, Shigella, and Shiga-toxin-producing Escherichia coli.

Some of the toris of diarrhoea wey dey always happen na wettin them they call “functional” because the real koko of wettin cause am no dey clear. For Africa and other sides wey never too develop, the thing wey common pass as the koko cause of diarrhoea na irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

IBS get many attache wey hin carry join body. E get cramping abdominal pain and scattered shit shit habit-diarrhoea, constipation (shit go strong like rock), or make e carry the two of them.

This Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) na another thing wey dey cause chronic diarrhoea. Them dey use am explain ulcerative colitis abi Crohn’s disease. Blood dey sometimes dey inside shit of person wey get the two.

Other koko things wey dey cause chronic diarrhoea na:

  • Microscopic colitis- this one dey happen to elderly people pass. Na for night them dey shit shit pass.
  • Malabsorptive and maldigestive diarrhoea- na bad food dey cause the first one, and na problem for digestive function dey cause the second one.
  • Chronic infections- person wey no too like to travel fit get this kin diarrhoea and if you be use wrong antibiotic you fit get am; some kin bacteria and parasites fit cause am sef.
  • Shit-Shit Medicine- some people fit use medicine wey go make shit.
  • Endocrine causes- sometimes person hormones fit cause am to dey shit-shit.
  • Cancer causes- gut cancers dey part of wettin dey cause neoplastic diarrhoea.

For our next piece we go carry the final tori of diarrhoea come give una and for that one we go dey yarn about how them fit treat am.



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