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Diarrhoea Part 3: How to treat am


This na the last part for our diarrhoea series, for the former former ones we be yarn about: wettin be diarrhoea, how person fit know if hin get am, and wettin dey cause am. For this part we go dey yarn about how to treat am wella without any wahala.

For any kin diarrhoea, whether e serious abi e no serious, the first koko of the matter na say the person dey rehydrate (dey replace all the fluids wey dey commot hin body). Different ways wey person fit rehydrate na:

      • Make the person dey drink plenty fluids like water or make the person take drip if the matter serious die. Na pikins and old people fit suffer pass from dehydration;
      • Oral rehydration solution/salts (ORS)- this na water wey get salt and glucose (sugar) inside am. The small intestine dey suck am to replace all the water and electrolytes wey don commot inside the shit. For countries wey never too plumb, ORS no too cost and World Health Organisation (WHO) don yarn say ORS fit cure over 90% of diarrhoea wella;
      • Zinc supplementation fit reduce the effect and time wey diarrhoea fit worry pikins.





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