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Everything You Suppose sabi about Hepatitis B


Wettin be Hepatitis B?

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Hepatitis B na viral infection wey dey affect liver. Most abalabas dey get am for small time and them go well. This one na hin dem dey call “acute hepatitis B”. But sometimes this virus dey cause long term infection and people wey sabi call am “chronic hepatitis B”. if this one too tye for body, e fit destroy person liver. Small small pikins and pikins wey don mature small wey get the virus for body get high chance to get chronic hepatitis B.

Wettin make Hepatitis B Dangerous?

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This question so na correct question and the answer be say person fit get hepatitis B for body and hin fit no know. Person fit dey get the symptoms but make hin dey reason say na fever dey hin body. Another thing be say once person don get the virus, hin fit carry am give other people.

Wettin dey cause hepatitis B?

Na hepatitis B virus dey cause am. Person fit catch the virus if hin touch the blood or any fluid (water water things like saliva) of person wey don get am.

You fit carry hepatitis B if you:

  • Get sex with person wey get am and you no use condom;
  • Share needles (wey them use to inject) person wey get am;
  • Use sharp objects or instruments wey them no sterilize (clean) wella;
  • Share your razor or toothbrush with person wey get am.

Mama wey get am fit carry am give to her pikin as she dey born. This na why medical people wey sabi yarn say make all women wey carry belle do hepatitis B test. So that if them get their pikin go collect injection wey no go allow the pikin get am.

Person no fit carry hepatitis B from normal normal things wey we dey do like hugging, kissing, sneezing, coughing, or if them share food or drinks.

For the next edition we go carry more tori about hepatitis B –like the symptoms, the cure, etc. come give una. Make una dey expect.





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