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Expert Talk Say Make-Up Fit Give You Disease. See List of Disease


Experts don troway warning for those people wey like to dey plaster make up for face like say dem dey build house say make up for give dem disease.

The experts talk say e go good make dem reduce the make up or make dem stop totally if dem like dia self.
The dermatologist, wey give this warning for Monday talk say this too much make up for cause High blood pressure, low fertility, skin cancer, irritation and plenty other yama yama disease.
One of the dermatologist wey dey stay for Lagos, Mr. Alex Adeniyi, tell news people from News Agency of Nigeria for Lagos say plenty make up fit cause skin irritation, allergies and skin cancer for people wey dey use am.
He talk say this na because of the chemical wey dem use do the make up.
Adeniyi con later talk say plenty make up fit expose person skin and eyes to plenty germs and toxins wey hit cause wahala for person body.
“Chemical wey dey inside lipstick, eye pencil, mascara and Kajal and others fit cause serious health problems.
“Women wey dey use make up must make sure dem clean everything commot before dem sleep” Adeniyi talk.

Another dermatologist, Mrs. Tobi Davis talk say women dey do excessive make up to cover skin problems like pimples, allergies, patches, scars, dark circles, boil, and wrinkles.

“If dem no take time, na the reverse go be the case. instead make the make up dey beautify the skin, e go cause more problem for the skin.” Tobi Talk.

“Women suppose dey use natural treatment like cucumber, tomatoes, honey, egg, etc instead of using unsafe products” Tobi later talk


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