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How Kano Wan Fight Drug Abuse From Now


Kano State goment for north west Nigeria dey plan to create dia own special agency wey go continue to fight drug abuse wey dey trouble di state.

Tori be say Kano get one of di highest cases of drug abuse for Nigeria. Wit dis new agency, e mean say di state wan add jara ontop wetin federal goment National Drug Law Enforcement Agency -NDLEA dey do. 

“As somebodI wey know a lot about drug abuse wetin i go yan be say dis plan make sense wella because NDLEA alone no go fit handle dis palava, more hands are needed to solve di issue.”

Idris wey be pesin wey dey abuse drugs before but e don stop tok say di new agency na something wey dey necessary considering di way di problem still dey.

Di governor Dr Umar Ganduje wey im commissioner of Justice represent yan say di reason why dis new agency dey necessary na because all di efforts to stop drug abuse wey dem use before neva work and di problem still increase.

Maryam Muhammad of Youth Awareness against Drug Abuse Initiative say “drug abuse na big problem for Kano but we dey pray say if dis new agency come dem go join body with NDLEA to really bring down this problem.”

Miss Muhammad say wey tok say dis na good move wey go help alot for di fight against drug abuse.

NDLEA wey di new agency go work alongside for di fight say dem dey welcome dis idea and hope say di new agency go contribute to bringing an end to drug abuse for Kano.


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