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How You Fit Know Pickin Wey Dem Dey Do Sex Abuse


For 2014, Babatunde Fashola, wey bi governor of Lagos State governor then, do law to make am compulsory for people to report sexual violence and rape but many people no sabi how to take know when dis bad thing don happen to pickin.

Mrs Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, na di coordinator for Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT), wey bi di organisation wey di Lagos State government start to deal with mata of sexual violence and abuse.

She follow talk about di signs wey people for society go take know when pickin don dey sexual violence and abuse or pikin wey dey in danger of am.

For parent, family member or any other person for society

  • If pickin begin talk or do like say im sabi wetin sex be. Or, make di pickin begin make small-small joke about sex.
  • If pickin wey dey happy to go somewhere, or dey with someone, or to enter one person car come begin show fear, or no happy again.
  • If belle of girl pickin begin to grow big, e fit be say e dey pregnant. 
  • One thing wey adult wey wan abuse pickin dem dey first do na to begin buy dem things small-small, so di pickin go believe say di adult like am. If you see any man or woman wey for your area wey no dey close to a pickin before but now wan dey near am or buy things for am, especially if di man or woman no bi di pickin papa and mama, something fit dey happen. 

For parent or adult wey dey live with pickin

  • If pickin wey don stop to dey piss for bed tay tay, suddenly start to dey piss on top bed again.
  • If you see blood dey comot from pickin private part, infection fit don dey dia from sexual abuse.
  • According to Mrs Adeniyi, something new wey dem dey see for dia work now na when di person wey dey abuse pickin sef na pickin. Like when brother and sister, or cousin, or house help wey be pickin begin abuse another pickin for house.
  • Some pickin, when person dey abuse dem, or after dem don abuse dem, di pickin go come quiet, but other pickin go begin dey aggressive.
  • If after person come back from adult house, im cloth dey rough.

Di first thing to do if you suspect say dem don sexually abuse pickin, or if e don happen to di pickin na to report.

You fit report to:

  • Police station wey near to you
  • Ministry of Youth and Social Development (Child Protection Unit, if e dey available)
  • For Lagos, DSVRT centre (or, you fit take phone dial *6820#)


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