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How Your Generator Dey Kill You


E get plenti small small tins wey dey harmful for environment but most times we no know because we no too send dem. 

Most times wen we talk about environmental pollution, na big big tins like forest wey dey disappear sake of pipo don cut di tree finish, plastic bag wey full inside ground and inside river and ocean, and oil pollution na im be wahala for our environment. 

Many small small tins around us wey dey cause pollution for our environment and dem no dey health for us at all.

Smoke from generator and car

Air pollution na big palava for Nigeria and di most common tins wey dey cause am na smoke wey dey comot from old motor exhaust pipe and generators.

Weda na big man or small man, di deadly chemical wey dey come from di smoke and pipo dey inhale am na major cause of death.

World Health Organisation say nine out of ten pipo dey breath air wey no clean and seven million pipo dey die from air pollution.

According to WHO 25% of heart disease na sake of yeye air wey pipo dey breath.

Dirty gutter and smelling dustbin

Land pollution for many pipo mind na about big tins like oil wey spill for river, or plastic bag for sea.

But most times pipo dey dump dirty inside gutter and dem no dey border clear am because dem feel say e dey outside so e no mata.

For many areas, pipo dey turn dia street to dustbin. Some dey gad dirty so tey e go dey compete height wit house.

But dirty gutter na one of di major cause of cholera. Cholera outbreak too common for Africa sake of dirty gutter and oda standing wata wey dey pollute clean wata for di environment.

Di smell from dump sites dey very dangerous to health. If pesin dey inhale am all di time e fit cause sickness.

Car horn and noise of generator

Pipo no dey too pay attention to how loud noise dey take affect dem for dia environment.

No light situation for most African kontris don make pipo over depend on generator for light. Also, plenti drivers, weda okada or moto, dey horn anyhow for road especially inside holdup without knowing say na palava dem dey cause for dem sef and oda pipo. 

Di truth be say noise dey affect bodi no be small and too much noise dey cause serious stress.

WHO say, too much noise dey cause heart disease, lack of sleep plus mental problem.


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