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If You No Dey Sleep Well For Night, You Fit Begin Fat


Sabi pipo for Sweden don chook eye see say lack of sleep fit make you weak and fat.

Although to dey chop snacks for night and no exercise fit make pipo dey fat, sabi pipo say another explanation dey.

Sleep researchers dem for Uppsala University for Sweden study 15 pipo, dem test dem after dem sleep well-well one night and another night wey dem no sleep well.

Dem collect fat, muscle and blood sample from di participant dem wey dey healthy come see say dia DNA change, after just one sleepless night, dia genes begin dey encourage di body to store fat, throway muscle.

Sabi pipo bin don see say sleep dey contribute to obesity but di scientists dem wey carry out dis latest work tok say dem be di first to notice di physical changes dem to blame.

“We tink say di changes wey we notice fit join form another piece of di puzzle of how serious lack of sleep fit affect how pesin fit get obesity.” Na so sabi pesin Jonathan Cedernaes tok.

According to di report just one sleepless night dey enough to scata pesin bodi system and wen di bodi clock scata, tins go begin change.

If bodi weak, e no go fit process sugar wey dey inside blood fast-fast and e fit even cause pesin to get type 2 diabetes.

Just one night wey you no sleep dey enough for muscle to start to dey reduce and fat to build up according to di sabi pipo.


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