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If You Wan Lose Weight, Researcher Say Try To Dey Stand Small


You fit lose weight from standing.

Dis one na wetin new study for di European Journal of Preventive Cardiology talk.

Dem say instead make person dey siddon for chair like six hours, if person dey stand e go help make am no gain weight.

Extra sitting for chair get hand for things like obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Plenty Nigerians and West Africans wey get office work fit spend like seven hours a day dey siddon for chair, and even person wey dey chop iron and dey exercise dey still siddon for chair.

Di study bin check whether to dey stand dey burn calories pass than to siddon for chair.

Di people wey do research say dem see say standing dey chop 0.15 kilocalorie per minute dan to sit.

As dem check dia result with person wey be 65kg, e mean say di person go lose 54 kilocalorie for one day.

For one year, dat one na 2.5kg.

Why e make sense to stand

“To dey stand no be to just burn extra calories, di extra muscle work for bodi get how e dey help to reduce heart attack, stroke and diabetes, so to dey stand no be just to dey control weight mata” na wetin Professor Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, wey be Chief of Preventive Cardiology for di Mayo Clinic for US.

Im also talk say: “E dey important make person no dey siddon for long time. Standing na better step, as e go reduce as person go just dey siddon for long time.”

Di researchers bin gree say to dey stand be correct behaviour wey fit stop people to dey gain weight.

Dem also talk say more research gats to happen to see if true-true sha, to dey stand make sense like dat.


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