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Lip Job Wey No Work Swelop Sotey Touch Nose


Rachael Knappier lips swellop sotey e dey touch her nose afta she allow make dem inject filler inside di lip for one Botox party.

Botox party — na party wey e be say dem dey give Botox injections to pesin wey wan make anywia for im body ‘fine’. Di party dey always happun for somebody house — pipo dey see am as cheap and comfortable way to get Botox treatments.

Rachael Knappier for UK say she “shout out in pain” afta one beautician for her friend house give her di treatment.

She rush go accident and emergency wen her lips swellop well-well, later she come go look for private treatment to fix di problem.

Di 29-year-old warn oda pipo say make dem no allow somebody wey no get medical training do lip fillers for dem.

“My lips turn to di size wey I neva see before,” she tok.

For di hospital, doctors tell sisi Knappier say di National Health Service (NHS) no go melt lip filler and go only check to make sure say she no dey for any danger.

She tok say she dey vomit and dey shake and no even fit leave di house for seven days.

Afta she first go see one local aesthetic nurse, she come go di Consultant Clinic for London wia dem melt di filler and, 72 hours later, her lips come back to normal.

“Dis make me pass through stress. I no go wish wetin happun to my worst enemy,” Rachael Knappier tok.

She don start one petition wey dey say make only doctors, nurses and dentists dey do aesthetic medical treatments.


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