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Menopause: Why Women At 35 Fit No Born Pikin Again – Doctor For Women Mata


Make women born all di pikin wey dem wan born before dem reach 35 years, because once woman don reach di age of 35, her fertility rate go drop seriously.

Na wetin Emmanuel Moses Rotimi wey be Nigerian doctor for women mata (alias Gynaecologist) tell BBC News Pidgin on Thursday wey be World Menopause Day.

According to Dr Rotimi say na for dis age 35 menopause go don dey knock for door for woman wey wan born pikin.

Once woman hit menopause, woman no fit get belle again except thru medical help like In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). 

Dis na why Dr Rotimi tok say di perfect age for woman to enta her husband house na 23-24 years. 

Evri woman dey go thru menopause once dem reach di average age wey be from 47 years according to di Gynaecologist

Before menopause, she go dey see her menses evri month but once menopause don dey near, di menses go dey come like once in two to six months. Wen di woman go know say she don hit menopause final-final na wen she stay reach one year no see any menses. Dis na how Dr Rotimi explain am give BBC Yoruba.

Evri female pikin get 400,000 eggs wey she go produce thru out her lifetime. Women go begin produce dis eggs evri month from di day wen she begin see her period. Once she reach menopause, she no go dey produce any egg again. Dr Rotimi tok say di age wey woman start to dey see her period go determine wen she go hit menopause.

Different signs dey wey woman go notice for her bodi wen she dey go thru menopause.

Signs of menopause

  • Vagina dryness

Di hormones wey dey make di vagina wet no go too dey di woman bodi again wen she don hit menopause. Dis vagina dryness fit reduce her interest for sex.

  • Hot flushes

Wen woman dey go thru menopause, she go just begin feel heat from no wia and e go spread reach all her bodi. Dis hot flushes dey come once in a while.

  • Bone and muscle weakness

Sake of say di woman no dey produce oestrogen and progesterone wey be di hormones wey dey make woman look like woman, she go dey feel pain for her bones and muscles.

  • Depression

Menopause fit make woman dey overtink as her bodi dey age. Dr Rotimi say if she no get partner wey dey show her support during dis period, e fit make am worse.

How women fit cope wit menopause:

  • Hormone replacement therapy

Women wey dey go thru menopause fit dey take medicine wey go replace di hormones like osetrogen and progesterone wey dia bodi no dey produce.

  • Balanced diet

Food wey get enough balanced diet dey very important for women wey dey go thru balanced diet.

Pregnancy, late start of menses and contraceptives na di main tins wey fit delay menopause.

During di 9 months wey woman go carry belle, her bodi no go shed any egg and dis na di same tin wey some contraceptives dey do too. 


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