Home Health You no dey fit loose weight? Try chili curry

You no dey fit loose weight? Try chili curry


Food wey get better dey help to fight obesity

In fact, them don discover say hot food dey reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and breathing problems and some other disease like that, wey we never know about.

Them say the chili go give the body more insulin.

See the type of pepper wey dem talkt:


  1. Ghost pepper or the Bhut jolokia chili (one million SHU)


  1. Habanero pepper, Scotch bonnet pepper (100,00-350,000 SHU)


  1. Cayenne pepper (30,000-50,000 SHU)


  1. Serrano pepper (10,000-25,000 SHU)


  1. JalapeƱo pepper, Paprika, Tabasco sauce (2,500-8,000 SHU)


  1. Anaheim pepper, Poblano pepper (500-2,500 SHU)


  1. Pimento, Banana pepper, Peperoncpepper 00-500 SHU)


  1. Bell pepper (0 SHU)


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