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How Parent Wey Dey Smoke Fit Wonjure Dia Own Pikin


Even if you no dey smoke, you fit still get smoking palava, especially if your papa or mama dey smoke.

Researchers for America Cancer Society tok say to dey let pikin dey do second hand smoking, dey add seven dead bodi for evri 100,000 wey no dey smoke evri year.

Dem do research wit 70,900 pipo wey no dey smoke.

Sabi pipo tok say di best way wey parents fit prevent dis kwanta na if den stop to dey smoke.

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGESPikin for background

Di study bin show say if pesin dey inhale smoke for ten hours evri week, e fit increase death chance from ischemic heart disease by 27%, stroke by 23% and chronic obstructive lung disease by 42%.

Di study dey for di American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Pikin wey dia papa or mama dey smoke dey also get risk of asthma or dia lung no go develop well.

Even though di study bin focus on how smoking dey take kill pikin dem, dem also tok say e fit make pikin dey go hospital like say na buka.

Dr Ryan Diver, wey be one of di pipo wey work for di project tok say, “our findings show say to reduce second hand smoke for life dey important”.


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