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Rest Beta Pass Medicine For Some Sickness – Health Experts


Dem suppose tell people wey sick make dem go house instead of make dem take antibiotics, dis na according to some health experts for UK.

Public Health England (PHE) say human beings no dey need one out of every five antibiotics treatment because some kain sickness go do u-turn, treat demself.

When people dey drink too much medicine, e go begin make di things wey dey cause di sickness to get bulletproof and e go make am hard to treat some disease.

PHE talk say for some disease to stop, patients suppose join hand inside di mata, do wetin beta.

Antibiotics dey important for sickness like sepsis, pneumonia, bacterial meningitis and other serious disease.

But PHE talk say antibiotics no be for every sickness. 

Cough fit last up to three weeks inside person body, before e waka comot by e self. 

Na only one or two days medicine go fit reduce am from dis three weeks for person wey get cough.

Prof Paul Cosford, wey be medical director for PHE, tell BBC say make patients no dey go dia doctor anyhow, dey ”expect antibiotic” because your body get im own bulletproof.

For disease wey our body fit handle, di advice be say:

  • Make you rest plenty.
  • Use pain medicine like paracetamol.
  • Drink plenty water.

Prof Cosford talk say: “Na doctor go tell you when you go really need antibiotic.”

“Di tori be say if you take antibiotic when you no need am, chance go dey say you go fit catch some disease later because di antibiotics no go gree work for inside your body.”


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