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Time Don Reach To Ban Plastic Use For Nigeria


Make world pipo to change from using one single plastic whether bag, bottle or spoon to more oda alternative na di koko for 2018 World Environment Day.

June 5 evri year na day to tok about wetin dey happen for di environment. 2018 campaign get hash tag wey be #BeatPlasticPollution, according to United Nations Environment programme. 

Tori be say e don tey wen kontri pipo begin use plastic to run tins, even sef e cheap to buy with chikini moni but experts say plastic wey pesin throway neva comot for pesin life. 

“We no dey do anything significant on top dis mata for we kontri. Plastics bags and bottles dey everywhere.” na wetin Environment sabi pesin Nnimmo Bassey t OK.

Bassey say “Time don reach to ban plastic bags for Nigeria”, 

Dis plastic pollution one join di crude oil pollution wey don scata plenty areas for Niger Delta region inside southern Nigeria.

Thousands alias tons of plastic materials full for gutters, rivers and oceans, 15 tons of plastics na im dey enta ocean every minute, according to reports by Ocean Conservancy.

In fact dem find out say e reach one million seabirds and 100,000 fish and oda animals inside water wey dey die every year on top plastic pollution.


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