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Video games like Minecraft and Lara Croft go make you smart well well

Two boys sitting on a couch playing video games

Video games like Minecraft or Lara Croft dey help young people get better communication skill and dem go fit study well well.

Many parents dey vex with the amount of time wey their pikin dey spend with video games, but new research don show say video games dey do more good pass bad for them.

Games like Minecraft or Lara Croft fit make students smart well well, according to the study.

This na because video games dey help young people fit dey relate with people well well and their brain go sharp too.

Dem find say game dey help students get something to dey do and the leader of the sudy say game go be big part of education later for future.

Lead researcher Matt Barr, lecturer of information studies for University of Glasgow, talk say im findings show say modern video games fit help players think well well and dem go fit quickly solve problems.

E talk say na the kind quality wey dey useful for students be that and graduates wey dey look for work too.

Na around 36 undergraduates dem use for the study to get that conclusion.


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