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Make una meet Murphy d Contortionist wey dey eye Guiness Book Of record


As everyday dey waka pass, different pipo dey come out with different different tins and dem dey showcase dia talent.

Murphy na Contortionist wey dey Eye Guinness Book of record.

Who be Contortionist?

Dis na person wey be say get skill to dey use him flexible bodi dey act on acrobatic, make dem dey twist dia bodi enta each oda, and ti entertain pipo wit am

For d case of Murphy, BBC Africa bin interview am and e tok about himself.

For d interview, Murphy yarn say nobody bin teach am how to do am. Hin yarn say pipo bin dey always ask am if hin get bone for him bodi at all.

Murphy bin learn many tins online, and as normal say persond dey face challenges for one thing or the other, Murphy don get injury before when hin bin dey do training.

D work dey pay for Murphy as hin dey make money for d act and hin also wan teach millions of people how to take Contort too.

Hin mama dey support am wela and na hin number one fan, and hin talk say wetin dey make am push wela na becos say hin dey Eye d Guinness book of record and hin believe say hin go break am.



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