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McGregor Vs Khabib: Why Dia Fight Neva Finish?


Di fight wey Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor fight for Las Vegas on Saturday 6 October neva finish.

On Monday, McGregor begin run mouth again say di war go kotinu. Dis na di first time im dey tok since Khabib beat am for UFC 229.

Im post picture for Instagram say “We loss di match but win di battle. Di war dey go on.”

Khabib beat McGregor for di fourth round of dia UFC lightweight title fight before im carry di fight face McGregor pipo.

Di defeat for Las Vegas make am four times wey di Irishman don lose UFC fight for im career.

Why dia fight neva finish

McGregor no hide mouth say im go fight di Russian again. But dat plan get k-leg as Khabib fit chop suspension for di gbebe wey happun afta di fight.

If di rematch happun, some pipo feel say McGregor go need to do somtin wey nobody don do before to beat di 30 year old Russian.


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