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Aare Ona Kankafo yarn say pipo wey no support ‘Amotekun’ na agent of Criminals


Chief Gani Adams wey be d Aare Ona Kankafo of Yoruba Land yarn say d agreement wey Federal Goment and d south west govnors dem be get on top d Western Nigeria Security Network wey be Amotekun na beta development.

Adams yarn say, “e dey necessary make we govnors see say we bin get we own security network, Life na very precious tin and you no fit dey play politics on top dis kain mata”

When hin be lead d Oodua People’s Union go Ekiti state on Monday as dem visit govnor Kayode Fayemi, e yarn say d pipo dem wey dey against Amotekun and dem no want am, say na agent of criminals dem be.

“No need make we dey cast ourselves fir media, any pesin wey no want Amotekun, I go see d person for two ways, maybe d pesin get agenda to destroy we zone, or d pesin na agent of criminals” D Aare Yarn


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