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Bad Pipo Send Explosives To Clinton And Obama House – US Tori Pipo


Wetin dem dey suspect say be explosive device na im dem find for di New York home of Bill and Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, law enforcement pipo tell US media.

For di same Wednesday afternoon, Police don say make evribodi comot for Time Warner Center where CNN office dey for New York. E be like say dem don find another explosive device for dat building too. 

Dem also find suspicious package wey dem send to di office of former President Barack Obama.

Dis wan dey come two days afta dem send bomb to di home of liberal philanthropist and financier George Soros for im house for New York City.

Oga Clinton na former US president and madam Clinton run for president for 2016.

Tori pipo New York Times dey report say di first device na one technician wey dey check mail wey dey come Clinton dia house for Chappaqua, New YorK, see am.

E no dey clear wia dem find di suspicious packages.


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