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Bbnaija’s K.Brule Don Get Accident Him Nearly Die


Former BBNaija housemate k.brule don get serious accident wey hin nearly die . The guy go Instagram page, where hin share the photos of hin remaining of hin ruined car and the other wey hin jam for the accident and the tin happen for weekend.hin con go write a long story of wetin happen. “Hin say on Sunday morning wey be November 4 around that kind 6 am hin car don experience wan kind blowout wey hin try match break na the last tin hin fit remember be dat. Pipo were see am live say hin car do somersault con commot for road take enter the other side were other cars were they come begin dey jam am . Na god wey save am and nobody die for the accident but hin car and the other cars wey jam am don condemned. Hin con talk about hin hospital bill and the other guy were hin jam. Bt hin say hin don tank Baba godey for saving hin lyf. “Hin talk say every body blame am for the accident & hin no knw hw hin go take pay for the other damages were hin make and the hosp


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