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Black Friday 2018: Places You Fit Find Awoof Deals For Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon


Black Friday na day of plenti awoof wen sellers dey give buyers plenti discount ontop goods and services for shooping centres.

Di shopping event start thursday midnight wey enta Friday morning and e make plenti buyers to stay awake to buy things online before others go buy am finish.

Wia to find awoof sales 


For Nigeria and Ghana, online shopping giants Jumia declare 90% discount for some products.

Dem announce say dem go reduce price for over four million of dia product for dia website during di shopping event.

Haier Thermocool

Haier thermocool na anoda ogbonge company wey dey reduce price of goods as Black Friday dey shele.

Thermocool dey sell different kinds of home appliances for awoof price dis Black Friday.


KiKUUna online shop for Ghana. 

Dem dey offer Black Friday sales dia at awoof prices.

For Oyibo kontris places wey you fit find black Friday awoof sales include Amazon, Argos, Debenhams and Currys PC World.


DOVV na superstore for Cameroon. E dey for Bastos neighbourhood for Yaoundé.


SCORE anoda superstore for Cameroon wey dey give discount for dia sales. Dem dey for di central town, opposite di cathedral, near the central (main) market Yaounde.


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