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Boko Haram: Nigeria Police Deny Say 167 Officers Run From Assignment To Fight Terrorists, Insist Say All 2000 Officers Full Ground Gidigba


Nigeria Police Force on Wednesday condemn local tori pipo report say 167 police officers don miss from training camp afta dem hear say na Boko Haram dem dey go face.

Di ‘riot policemen’ wey pick race na part of di 2000 officers wey Inspect General of Police Ibrahim Idris bin promise to take support di Nigeria Army to fight militants for north-east part di kontri, according to Premium Times report.

All 2000 Policemen wey di Force send to North East don report for camp and dem dey on ground to go fight along with di military forbattle front against Boko Haram jaguda pipo, according to Nigeria police tok-tok pesin Jimoh Moshood.

In fact di 2000 Police personnel wey go dia get high morale and dey inside high spirit inside di operation. No Police oficer run comot as di report claim, Oga Moshood add.

Punishment dey wait di officers unto say dem run from duty, and say dem carri official weapon, ammunition and equipment wit dem, di Premium Times report bin

E no dey clear how many officers di Nigeria Police headquarters dey find to arrest and prosecute as some tori pipo dey report 190 and odas dey report 167.

Tori be say, wen dem announce for di Nigerian Army Special Forces Training School for Yobe State northeast Nigeria. say na wia di fight hot pass near Niger and Chad Republic border dem go post di police officers go, some of dem begin escape small small.

Boko Haram na im dey behind many kidnapping of pikin dem including di ‘Dapchi girls’ and ‘Chibok girls’

Officially, di Nigerian Army neva tok anytin about di mata but local tori pipo Premium Times don release names of 167 police officers on di website wey dem claim say dey ‘wanted’.


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