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Christmas For Some Parts Cameroon Southwest Region Pass Na Wit Gunshots


On Christmas day, pipo for some parts for Cameroon Southwest region laik Muyuka no celebrate, gunshots send dem under bed as separatists forces di fight with goment forces for morning. 

Den for Buea, for Miss Bright Junction for Bomaka, some unidentified pipo burn two motor and all man hide for inside house as plenti military enta de area. 

By Tuesday evening, tension still dey for West regions as separatist forces bi attack some villages for Bangourain, burn-burn 86 houses, kidnap 15 pipo and kill one pesin as Govnor for West region Fonka Awah Augustin confam. 

E happun wen young pipo for dis area komot for market square for chase away all Anglophones dem for de area. 

One viral video di circulate as separatists claim say dia action na for push goment for free dia kontri pipo for ngata. 

For some parts for Northwest na for December 24 weh gunshots bin dey for Bamali for Ndop, put fear for pipo even if govnor lift ban allow pipo for waka around for 12 days.

Calm dey for Kumbo for Northwest region but as separatist forces don dig sotei cut road, motor no di pass and pipo di nack na ‘one two’ for go oda areas. 

As pipo get small freedom for move around, taste night life afta one year some pipo drink last night for Bamenda sleep for outside.

Resident for Bamenda tok say as deh di go church e see pipo di sleep for corna road afta dia first night for outside afta one year. 


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