Home News We go dey Kill Kidnappers for Ogun State – Dapo Abiodun

We go dey Kill Kidnappers for Ogun State – Dapo Abiodun


Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun don dey consider death penalty for anybodi wey dem catch with kidnapping or dey involved wit kidnapping charges for d state.

Abiodun yarn am for statement wey hin Chief Press Secretary, Kunle Somorin sign on Tuesday.

Reports say d governor yarn say hard times bin dey await kidnappers for d state, adding say d government dey consider make dem send bill wey go make kidnapping attract capital punishment,and send am go State House of Assembly make d legislature take actions.

According to Somorin, Abiodun indicate am when hin host Remo League of Imams who visit am for Sallah for him house wey dey Iperu as hin describe kidnapping as economic crime wey got to stop immediately.

He yarn say most of d kidnappers na foreigners wey dey form as herdsmen, and e yarn say e no go make sense if dem allow criminal make dem dey operate anyhow as e go affect d state wey dey well industrialized.

“We no want make criminals dey cause wahala for our state, our state get many companies and industries, and e no go make sense make criminal acts dem dey hinder we state”

” I don order make all d pipu wey dey involved for d recent kidnapping mata make dem bring dem to me, I go warn dem wela, because from now our state no go spare any of dem” Governor Abiodun yarn.




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